Catherine Mary Camargo is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and independent curator born and raised in Miami, FL, who's work is intricately informed by extensive anthropological research on personal and collective cultural memory.  She holds a degree in Painting/Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art + Paris College of Art. Currently works as the assistant to the long time curator & collector at the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, one of the largest private contemporary art collections globally. Her focus lies in research, collection management, and an understanding of the international art market. Through her writing and art practice, which includes painting, drawing, photography, and poetry, she explores the intricate connections between life, death, and the intermediate mental states between them. Her creative journey has yielded the publication of her original elegy and photography book, QUIET PETAL 1, available in institutional libraries such as the Tisch Library Collection in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work reflects her deep contemplation on the act of documenting memory ranging from individuals to institutions and continents, inviting viewers to engage with profound aspects of human existence.

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